Slumberland hosts a wide selection of workshops. Keep an eye out for the When-What-Where guide for the most up to date list.

Below you can find a selection (not all) of the workshops we hosted at Nowhere 2018 to give you an impression.



Join our daily yoga. Morning mindful movement. Deep breath, juicy stretches and envigorating morning flow. No one needs to touch their toes or do any pretzelly shapes. This is simple, mindful movement to re-energise after a hazy night, and get us on our 'A game' for the day!



A Camp speeddating session to meet your fellow campmembers! We will rotate 3-5 minutes to your next campmate, so to get to know each other. Silly starter questions will be provided!


Bedtime stories

Feeling tired after all the parties? Give your head some rest in our comfortable beds, and listen to a few fairytales. You can even read one yourself if you want help guide the tired souls to Slumberland.

Orgy for beginners and expierenced

After two amazing editions the succes will be repeated! This is a more guided orgy with sign up in pairs.