What to expect?

In 2019 we start with our ambitious “Curious Creatures Mansion” project, where we build the first floor of our Mansion. This Mansion will have a separate play area, chill area and cocktailbar. Our main structure provides all the shade you need.

In need of a siesta? We will bring back some canopy beds of 2018, where you can rest your dusty head or play around, just use your imagination ;) Connect with your fellow nobodies, join our daily workshops, hug, massage, be naughty or come have a chat, it’s all good.


What do we provide?

For Nowhere 2019 we aim to have the following 'specs':


  • Big shaded decorated space for workshops during the day & play/sex area during the night.

  • Big chillout area / lounge area.

  • Kitchen of a good size with big stoves, pots and pans, to provide the whole of Curious Creatures a nice dinner every evening!

  • Camp bar

  • Hygiene station, mirrors for make up + showers.

  • Enough (drink)water you can reasonably use. We like our hippies clean and healthy, therefore we budgeted two(!) showers per person a day!

  • Electricity to charge your basics.

  • In brief: all your essentials to survive (and thrive) Nowhere for a week.

Morning cirlces

Every morning, when the sun has waken us op and chased us out of our tents and beds, we will host a morning circle. During this morning circle we all have a moment to check in with ourselves and with each other. Nowhere can be awesome, but also quite intense. these morning circles are a very good opportunity to process everything, hear epic stories, and connect with your fellow camp members. (and daily housekeeping points). We have noticed in previous years that these morning cirles were a great way to feel connected to the camp. We can highly recommend them that you join them <3 !

Camp Calls

At Curious Creatures we think the fun starts before Nowhere. Curious Creatures is an international group of people, and we cannot all see each other in real life before the event. Therefore we have regular camp calls to easily get connected! People are designing their outfits, making travelplans, making lists on what to bring, etc. We think Nowhere can be so much better if you know a bit about the people of the camp you are about to join. Hence we have a couple of camp calls before nowhere starts. In our experiences we have seen so much good out of it! Such as a better connection when you arrive at nowhere. Someone to share a ride with. Sharing resources. Brainstorming on a workshop you can give together.

Workshop Space AT DAY

We will have a workshop space in 2019. We highly encourage every Creature to host workshops, rituals, games, or other organised public events. We’ll create an amazing stage for you to shine with your knowledge and skills.

Play area AT NIGHT

The workshop space will magically transform at night into a space where you can do (kinky) play and have sexy times with your playa sweetheart(s).



To manage your expectations, our camp is not the camp for you if you expect:

  • a Pay-and-play camp. we expect to have every member to do tasks, suchs as a kitchen shift with your team. This is normal for most barrio's. Nowhere is all about participation, and barrios are part of Nowhere: You make it happen, together!

  • We have a strict no-creeps policy. Anyone who cannot adhere to common consent practice will be kicked out of our camp without hesitation. Campmember or not, it does not matter. Luckily, due to our rigorous screening this has not happened in the past :)

  • We are an inclusive camp, meaning: no racism, no sexism. We are offcourse LGBT friendly, that should be a given. We are all people here. However, we do not police speech. we try not to be to heavy on the political spectrum.

Camp contribution

Building a camp cost manpower and money. You contribute your time and manpower by taking up one of the roles. The cost of infrastructure 200 euro; This will provide you all the water you need, the kitchen, buildings, storage, generator, etc. On top of this we expect to add a budget 50 euro of food/kitchen costs for dinner for the whole week. This makes a camp contribution of 250 euro a person.