Curious Creatures 2019 is now full.


Join us create Curious Creatures 2019

We are a medium sized camp of 50 people. We are looking mostly looking for open hearted Nobodies, who are open to new experiences, want to participate, in for some fun, sex-positive, and can help us run Curious Creatures. New to burns? We are also open to new people, if they have the right mindset and are willing to contribute. So you know what barrio life is like and you feel committed to contribute to all its daily needs, as a community, we are definitely interested in you!

All nationalities are welcome, though main barrio language used will be English.


Come to us if all of the above sound like paradise to your ears. If you want to apply, please fill in the application form below :).*

Signing up as a (poly)couple? Please let every person sign up separately.


*Filling in the form below is the application and does not mean that you are instantly accepted into Curious Creatures. Curious Creatures leads will vote on who to accept an who not. you will always hear back from us by email.

Do you have more questions? please check our Questions page (see top right) for a F.A.Q. and our contact details.

Curious Creatures 2019 is now FULL.

when do you hear back?

Early bird member selection: 1st of March

2nd round: completed

3rd round: completed

4th round: completed - we are now full!

Camp contribution

Building a camp cost manpower and money. You contribute your time and manpower by taking up one of the roles. The cost of infrastructure 200 euro; This will provide you all the water you need, the kitchen, buildings, storage, generator, etc. On top of this we expect to add a budget 50 euro of food/kitchen costs for dinner for the whole week. This makes a camp contribution of 250 euro a person.