Frequently asked questions


Q: I have not been to a burn before! can i join?

A: We do accept newbies, if they have the right attitude and a willingness to help make Curious Creatures become awesome.

Q: Do i have to be 18+ to join?

A: Yes, every member should be 18+.

Q: Do i have to be single to join?

A: No. singles, couples, poly, hetero, gay, queer, are all welcome! (if we have space of course)

Q: Do i have to be in an open relationship to join?

A: No, 'closed' couples are also welcome. We select people on mindset, not on relationship status!

Q: I like to sleep in my car/van/camper. can i still camp with you?

A: Yes, this is no problem. please tell us the space you need and we will accomodate it into our townplanning. be aware of Nowheres’ car-rules though!

Q: I am in a group of more than 4 people. can we join Curious Creatures?

A: We dont prefer groups, since they are harder to integrate into a camp. It all depends on how well you are all willing to integrate and connect with the camp.

Q: I signed up, but i only want to join Curious Creatures if person X also can join slumberland. is that possible?

A: sure, please make sure to mention the persons name and let that person also sign up. we will assess you together :). However, this means it is also possible to not get invited together.

Q: How do i Join Curious Creatures?

A: through the intake form you can find when following the button below!

Q: i have another question, remark, feedback, or complaint. how can i reach you?

A: Please email us at OR both are monitored.

Q: What kind of communications do you use within the camp?

A: We mostly use Slack and Whatsapp for communications, and to a lesser extent facebook messenger.


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