Curious Creatures is all about love and connection. Inclusivity and consent are two important values to us. We are not too heavy on the political correct spectrum though. We love to take care of each other. Not policing each other.

Sex positivity

Sex positivity, "What is that?", you may ask. To us, sex positive means three important things:

NO shame

Ever felt like you should hide your sexuality (or absence thereof) from others? What will they think? Will they start talking? Will they shame you and make you feel horrible about yourself? We know we felt like that since forever. Well, no more! Why be ashamed of something that’s so darn beautiful, and comes in all shapes, forms and sizes? So be proud! And don’t shame yourself, nor others.


Consent is a wonderful practice that reaches so much further than simply stating and protecting your physical boundaries. It’s an incredibly practical philosophy you can practice to find out what you desire, how to communicate with your partners, 1000 ways to say yes and no, flirting, feeling, and have amazing intimate experiences beyond your wildest dreams. Why? Because you are using the force: the power of consent!



Knowledge is power! Sex can always be better and safer. There’s so much wonderful sexyness going on at the Nowhere festival. We are truly blessed! But a lot can go wrong, as #metoo pointed out so clearly. By educating ourselves, we have the power to fight ignorance and make sex so much better and safer for ourselves and each other. That’s why sex positive people will never stop educating (themselves).


At Curious Creatures you can expect to run in into open minded people and the occasional public display of oh-lá-lá.

How did people feel last year?

We did an anonymous survey (N=23) under our members of our camp. We are happy to say that none of our camp-members felt uneasy at any moment regarding consent. 100% of the respondents felt safe in our camp. We did receive constructive feedback regarding practicalities and we will do our best to implement these in 2019. Examples are: display more clearly where it is OK to play, and where it is discouraged to play (better signs), and adding additional spaceholder to the team.

Quotes from the survey

I like the idea that its a sex positive camp and everyone can gauge their comfort levels in what kind of activities to take part in. It was a perfect place for me in how we dealt with these topics as someone who is still trying to understand his own life.
— Member
I liked the vibe that we had. I didn’t assume we’d be having orgies, and I didn’t assume there would be no sex. It was basically just as I had imagined it would be.
— Member