Welcome to Slumberland


Imagine a magical place beyond the third mushroom on the right. You can only find it by getting yourself lost. You will meet magical creatures who will receive you with open arms and hearts. Wanna play? They will lure you in and seduce you. You will feel welcome, 100% loved and seen. Then you doze off in a luxurious canopy bed and dream of having a hot threesome with Han Solo and Barbarella in space.



Let us introduce ourselves to you

The friendly folks of the small Slumberland barrio are a happy bunch, from all sorts of life! We dreamed of creating our own little haven in a corner of Nowhere, where we can chill, connect, frolic around, enjoy the shade, each other and organize some fun workshops and rituals. This is the second year we are making this dream come true. Exciting!


We stand for Love, Connection, Playfullness, Relaxing, and Sex positivity.

Slumberland is all about love and connection. We are open-minded, Kink-friendly and sex positive. A relaxed place to retreat and connect with others and ourselves. We have our morning cirles, workshops and activities. We go out to party, connect, and play at the playa, knowing you have a lovely chill home for you waiting to retreat to. Bring your (newly-made) friends and have a chat, play & slumber in one of our giant canopy beds. Feeling right at home at nowhere!


Consent is an important topic, especially at Nowhere. See our page on consent if you would like to know more on consent at slumberland.


If you are in desperate need of a siesta, we’ve got some luxurious canopy beds to lay your dusty head. But our soft beds do more than supporting the sleepy. Just use your imagination ;) You can come here to connect with your fellow nobodies. You can join our daily workshops. Have a chat with us. Hug, massage, play, it’s all good.

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Slumberland 2018 playa-view

Slumberland 2018 playa-view


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